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About Us

Baby egg laying hens

Hi, I'm Randall. I am an active-duty Army Logistics Officer turned livestock farmer, professional tree climber, Army Reserve Officer, and handy man/cook/eater of food at our new market. I was voted "most likely to be a farmer" in elementary school. By route of enlisting in the Army, completing my Bachelor's degree at John Carroll University, commissioning as an Army Transportation Officer and living in quite a few different places around the country, I became a farmer. I enjoy the day-to-day work on the farm, the change of the seasons, watching our animals grow, teaching others about the value of raising animals sustainably, eating food that I know has been treated humanely and raised well, and working alongside my wife and our three children doing farm chores. My favorite animals to watch are our pigs. I've grown especially fond of our Glouchester Old Spot boar, Boaris. 


Hi, I'm Connie. I am a teacher of students who are blind or visually impaired turned farmer, very part-time teacher, owner/cook/friendly face of our new store Moores Heritage Farm Market in the historic Ashtabula Harbor. In just over a decade but what seems most days like a lifetime ago, I went to college, met a boy, got married, had two children while I followed that boy wherever the Army took us, and met lifelong friends. With God's direction and grace I landed in Plymouth Township on his family's farm a year ahead of my husband who was finishing his time at Fort Drum. We've now been farming four years and welcomed another little person in May of 2017. I'm not where I thought I would be at this point in my life but I think I'm right where I should be. I get to watch my kids learn about our food system, watch our animals grow and thrive, and watch sunrises and sunsets on our beautiful farm. 

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