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Pasture Raised

Our animals are raised outdoors on pasture using a rotational grazing system, where each animal's habitat is rotated every few days to provide them with new space and limit their impacts to the pasture system. 
Animal Specifics


Our chickens are raised on pasture in large, free ranging areas with shelter from the elements. They are fed a, non-GMO feed, blended with locally grown, non-GMO corn. We raise our Freedom Ranger chickens (which develop slower than most commercially raised chickens) healthy and natural!


Our turkeys are raised with the same habitat and feed as our chickens. We raise Broad Breasted Whites, the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.


All pigs that we raise are born on our farm and live on pasture (with pig huts for shelter from the elements). We currently our boar is a Glouchester Old Spot, and 2 Sows who are Tamworth/Berkshire cross (all of our pigs are therefore “heritage breed” pigs); they typically have 2 litters a year.

Egg laying chickens

We have a variety of brown egg and blue/green egg layers. They are completely free ranged and go into a coop at night for safety; they are fed a certified, non-GMO feed, blended with locally grown, non-GMO corn.


Our Lamb are 100% grass fed using our rotational grazing system. They are a Hampshire/Suffolk cross; yielding a larger wool sheep who do well on pasture, and are comfortable in colder fall, and early winter weather (they also sheltered when necessary). Our lamb are fed hay when the pastures are in their dormant stage.

Dairy goats

Our dairy goats are fed a certified, non-GMO feed, and are raised on pasture; they provide dairy milk for our family and serve as a raw product for our soaps.


Arriving at our farm soon!

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